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CASA can assist you with filing a claim against your lender and/or servicer for violations of Regulation X of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”), as well as other direct RESPA violations.  Each violation can result in an award of up to $2,000.  The arbitration award can be credited toward what is alleged to be owed and may be used to reinstate your loan.

MARS DISCLAIMER If you are a homeowner/borrower and you have retained CASA to represent you in a matter related to your mortgage CASA may represent you in your arbitration with respect to claims against your creditor for violations of State and Federal Law. If, however, you wish to apply for loan modification or any other type of loss mitigation as a part of this representation an attorney that is licensed in your home state, or the state in which your property is located, must be assigned to your file. You will be required to sign a Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Addendum for the provision of these services. While there will be additional fees for these services, CASA will not bill you for these services unless and until you and your Servicer reach a resolution that is acceptable to you.